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Saturday 21 June 2014

Wedding Parament Finished

Yesterday I delivered the wedding antependium to the church.  It was a dark, dreary day with not enough good light for a proper picture and I had to dodge rain showers to get a couple of quick shots outside. None of my pictures are very good, but time was pressing.  June is wedding season after all, and there is one scheduled for today at the church.

I'll show you the extra sleeve I added across centre back which holds a thin rod to keep the arms of the cross out.  It is imperative that these things hang perfectly straight and flat. The whole piece is stiffened with two layers of interfacing, one of which is a heavy decorator weight.  This made the parament extremely awkward to quilt on my domestic machine - it refused to fold up in the throat.  It was like quilting a board! Not surprisingly, my Bernina quilted feathers through all those layers with no issues.  
It fit the pulpit perfectly.  It was even darker inside than out and the pictures are disappointing.  However, you can get a sense of the effect. From the back of the church, only the golden rings at the centre are visible.
As you walk down the aisle and get a bit closer, the colours of the outer rings begin to emerge. Three shades for three strands of rings which link to form a cross.

The ministers were very pleased and frankly- if I may say so - it looked gorgeous in that setting.  


  1. It IS gorgeous Karen! Absolutely beautiful, in such a beautiful church. I can imagine the Ministers are thrilled (as will be the congregation and all the wedding couples!)

  2. Karen - that is stunning! I'm sure it will make every bride's special day even more so.

  3. I guess maybe it's gorgeous! Too gorgeous for words. Well done.

  4. May today's bride truly appreciate the work of art it is and each one in their turn after this.

  5. A work of art! Another fabulous Karen Neary Original!