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Monday 29 April 2024

Aurifil Thread Labs 2.0

I am excited to announce that Sew Karen-ly Created...will again be a host shop for the latest thread-ucation program from Aurifil thread. 

Thread Labs 2.0 is the sophisticated successor to the inaugural educational subscription offered last year. Building upon the foundational knowledge provided in 2023, the 2024 program will offer an intriguing exploration of techniques and applications, guided by a distinguished team of educators. From July to December, participants will engage in an immersive learning experience, covering a diverse range of skills from FPP to Machine Quilting, through the practical use of various Aurifil thread weights. Subscribers who participated in Thread Labs 1.0 can expect a unique program experience with Thread Labs 2.0 with no repeats in either the product you receive or in the projects and presenters.  The first box, Lab 2.1, grants early access to the Aurifilosophy Cool Thread Exemplar, a compact spool storage case, and a unique thread tracking booklet. Aurifil Designer Nicholas Ball will lead subscribers through a creative project that utilizes several thread weights included in the Thread Exemplar, while tutoring via exclusive video content to ensure a comprehensive learning experience for all proficiency levels. Subsequent labs will introduce new educators, thread assortments, and innovative techniques, fostering an environment where creativity and skill development flourish.


Featured Educator: Nicholas Ball / @quiltsfromtheattic

Featured Educator: Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill / @wholecirclestudio

Lab 2.3 | SEPTEMBER / 80wt & 12wt, BIG STITCH QUILTING
Featured Educator: Sarah Fielke / @sfielke

Lab 2.4 | OCTOBER / 8wt & 12wt, EMBROIDERY
Featured Educator: Anna Maria Horner / @annamariahorner

Lab 2.5 | NOVEMBER / 28wt, 12wt, & Aurifloss, MENDING & APPAREL
Featured Educators: Jenni Smith & Kay Walsh  / @jennismithsews & @kaynwalsh

Lab 2.6 | DECEMBER / 50wt, 40wt, Forty3, MACHINE QUILTING
Featured Educator: HollyAnne Knight / @stringandstory

What is the Aurifil Thread Labs 2.0 Subscription Box program?

Threads Labs is a monthly education subscription program running from July to December 2024.  Subscribers to the program will receive monthly thread boxes. Over the course of the six months, you will gain all the necessary tools to more confidently create with a variety of thread weights and techniques, finishing the year inspired, armed with new skills and a wealth of knowledge.

How is Thread Labs 2.0 different than Thread Labs 1.0?
Thread Labs 2.0 builds on the educational foundation set by Thread Labs 1.0. The program features six new educators highlighting custom curated ranges of threads for 6 new projects. Boxes are focused on technique and on inspiring new and creative use of Aurifil threads. There are no repeats and subscribers who participated in Thread Labs 1.0 can expect a unique program experience with Thread Labs 2.0.

I didn’t participate in Thread Labs 1.0… can I still dive in to Thread Labs 2.0?
Yes, absolutely! Knowledge gained in Threads Labs 1.0 is not required for success with Thread Labs 2.0. That said, if you’re interested in gaining detailed knowledge of Aurifil’s history and a peek at the production process in addition to an in depth thread education on available products, we’d highly recommend looking into Thread Labs 1.0. which is now available as individual boxes.

What is included in the boxes?
Each box will include a range of Aurifil threads relevant to that month’s featured thread weight and technique along with access to a secure portal containing education materials & projects, exclusive videos, a monthly giveaway, and partner offers.

How long will content be available online?
Monthly secure online portals will remain active through June 30, 2025.

What is the cost of this program?

100% of the cost is for product included in the box. The education portion of the box– along with any bonus assets– is fully complementary and exclusive to subscribers. Sew Karen-ly Created is happy to offer Thread Labs 2.0 for $110. per month for Canadian customers. We ship across Canada for a very reasonable (subsidized) flat rate, or you can pick up your threads in Amherst, Nova Scotia.

When will my boxes arrive?
Thread Labs 2.0 Subscription boxes will ship at the beginning of each month, July – December 2024. Boxes SHOULD arrive to you by the 15th of each month.

How and when do we sign up?
Simply send an email as soon as possible stating your intention to join.  There is no registration fee, and no deposit required – just your word. 

Is there a sign up deadline?
Orders need to be submitted no later than Monday May 13. You may still join after this date but your boxes may be delayed. All boxes are assembled by hand and with care in the Aurifil offices. 

What is the cancellation policy?
Cancellations are possible with a 30 day notice. Example: You cancel your subscription in mid-August. You will still receive and pay for your September boxes, but will not receive your October boxes.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to be in touch. It's going to  be a wonderful program!

Wednesday 10 April 2024

Tidewater Totes Launch!

"Tidewater Totes" photographed at the Lighthouse Park in Five Islands, Nova Scotia.

I am thrilled to announce that the first three patterns in a series of "Tidewater Tote" Bags are now ready.  These have truly been a labour of love, and learning.  The challenge in designing is to make things attractive and detailed -while keeping the sewing as simple as possible- and I believe that goal has been achieved in these simple-to-stitch projects. Whale tails flashing above the water line, lobsters with their claws held high, anchors, and sailboats adorn the tote bag fronts, which are added in fusible raw-edge appliqué. These are uncomplicated, quick and easy to sew bags that can be made one day and put to use the next.  Tidewater Totes patterns include clear, tested instructions and full sized templates.

The idea for these bags actually originated with local businessman James Austin, who felt we needed a bit more "Maritime" in our buying choices, and I thank him for that. Tidewater Totes are a series of fun, practical bags with an east coast flair. The bags are fully lined and sport an inside pocket, but each design has different features and dimensions. Some have outside pockets or zippered inside pockets, while others feature open tops or tops closed with hook and loop tape, recessed zippers, flaps, or toggles.

This is the Sand Point Beach Bag which features soft rope handles.  I am happy to say I figured out an easy way to attach the handles which does not involve applying grommets or making buttonholes. (I hate cutting holes in a project; I always make a big mess, or get the hole in the wrong spot and then it's ruined.) The rope (available at craft shops) gives a nice, nautical touch.  The bag has an open top so you can easily stuff it with necessities for a day at the beach.

Inside is a zippered pocket for valuables. as well as a key strap for a carabiner to hold your keys. 

The bag takes its name from Sand Point Beach in beautiful Five Islands.
This one is "The Boat Tote", generously sized and featuring a recessed zipper on the top of the bag.  Inside is an open pocket.

My favourite of the bunch is The Whale Tail Tote.  
This pattern contains instructions for two different versions.  The one shown in blue has a double open pocket on the front (under the wave)  Version 2 (shown in green) has a simple appliquéd wave.  Both bags feature an inside pocket and a hook-and-loop top closure.

Soon to follow will be fish, lobsters, lighthouses, and a few more nautical surprises. 

Patterns are available in both print and digital downloads from my website at this link:

Patterns may also be found at selected quilt stores, so please ask at your local quilt shop for your Tidewater Tote pattern.