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Sunday 25 October 2020

Holiday Shopping??

 I am happy to say that the commissioned banner has been delivered to its forever home, (pictures to follow) so new projects can now be begun.

With that off my plate, the first task was to clean up my sewing room, a dreaded ordeal which has not been attended to in some months.  While purging, I listened to music and newscasts, one of which was a news release from Canada Post, urging folks to start their Christmas shopping - and shipping - early, as it is anticipated most folks will be ordering online this Covid season.  The only thing worse than a Covid Christmas would be one without anything under the tree, so it is good advice I am taking to heart.
Our Aurifil thread shop is currently well stocked and the prices will never be better than they are now.  We've received word from the supplier that there will be an increase with the next order...and frankly, I fully expect postage to increase soon as well.  Currently, shop policy is a flat shipping rate of $13. anywhere in Canada for a thread order.  Actual postage cost is always more than that, but I pay the remainder.  It's a great deal!
We have all kinds of gift sets in stock, ranging from small to large, basics to designer colours, and all weights from 80 to 12.  Mostly the thread is all cotton, but we also have clear and smoke monofilament, and a bit of wool.

You can see all the in-stock threads here, and order directly from the website.  If you are local to Amherst, Nova Scotia, and would like to pick up your order, there is an option for that as well.  If you prefer to use etransfer, kindly email your order to me, and I will send along an invoice. 
Back to tidying.  I know as soon as that's done, I will pull all the boxes out again to start a new project.  The circle of life for a quilter. :)

Monday 19 October 2020

Change of Scenery, Change of Seasons

Last weekend we had a beautiful drive through Nova Scotia's Wentworth Valley.  The colours were spectacular, as they always are at this time of year.
Yesterday we enjoyed more of the same on our dirt road travels over Lynn Mountain.
Known for blueberry production, the red fields on Lynn stretch in every direction as far as the eye can see.  We took a short drive down this side road to the quarry. Although we traditionally associate yellows, golds, and browns with our fall/Thanksgiving palette,  clearly red is part of the mix as well.
I have been sewing red for another seasonal project as well.  I actually began this commissioned piece last January hoping to have it finished well before the deadline, but that hasn't happened.
Fingers crossed, it will all come together by week's end, and delivered to its new home on time.

Friday 16 October 2020

Catch up

It does seem ages since I have blogged on a regular basis.  It isn't because there is nothing to share, it's just finding and taking the time to do so. I do miss blogging and, as I was reminded recently (Cheryl), it's a great way to archive and keep notes on past projects.

What has kept us so busy?  Well, although many this past year seemed to have extra time on their hands, my family and I had less. Way less.  Last fall, we purchased an older home (with a barn!) in the seaside community where I grew up. It will function as a weekend/summer home only.

The house needed (needs) a bit of TLC, which we have been providing these past few the best of our abilities. My contribution has mostly been painting, both outside and in, although Mother Nature will soon put an end to the outside work.  I am determined to restore the corbels which adorn the front of the house to their original dark green glory  That may have to wait until spring now. We have been running back and forth between here and there, while also juggling thread and pattern sales and a quilt commission. The commission deadline is almost here and with luck, the piece will be finished on time. Very soon, life will slow down again as our winter months approach and I do hope to spend more time here on the blog, and in my sewing room.  Even though the house has demanded a lot of our time and we frequently wondered why we bought it... it is quite growing in our hearts, and we are enjoying being there more and more each time we go. It is cosy and charming (and did I mention it has a barn?!?) The best part is that it is two doors away from my sister. :)

Old houses, of course, need quilts...and we certainly have lots of those.  It has been fun to choose which ones to go on the beds (as we acquire beds).  Polly and I have started braiding a mat from our cotton scraps for the downstairs bedroom, with big plans of doing a long runner for the wide boards of the wood floor in the upstairs hall over the winter.  

There have not been many moments to devote to this mat so far, but gosh it has been awesome fun to see it grow, and I have loved every second braiding the strips.  It may be my new thing :) Polly adores laying on it each time we add a braid to two to the outside edge.  She will be kept very busy all winter trying out the new strips on the hall runner!

As many in our area will agree, it has been a rather hollow feeling week here in Amherst with the cancellation of our Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival.  Normally I begin loading up the dining room with workshop boxes as soon as our Thanksgiving dinner is cleared from the table.  Not so this year.
Soon, I will share the piece I am working on (It really isn't fair to show it off before it is delivered).  I expect by then the snow will be falling, and life will return to a more relaxed pace.  I look forward to sharing lots of quilts here again soon.  Thanks for reading, and for keeping me on your blog list.