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Friday 20 December 2013

Winter Star Mug Mat on Craftsy

Awhile back I offered this free pattern for a mug mat here on the blog.  At that time, the technology demanded that you contact me and I email the pdf foundations to you.  A great many of you did that.  This morning I added it to Craftsy, where you can go and download it yourself directly to your computer with just a click.  Go ahead, it's free!  And there's no cost to join Craftsy either:  you create an account simply to have a spot to download your patterns.  This is a great little pattern on which to practice foundation piecing, and sewing a gentle curved seam.  Enjoy - winter is almost here!

Thursday 19 December 2013

Snow Fun

Our snow continued throughout the day yesterday.  It's a beautiful snow - angel soft and perfect for snowmen and coasting.  Polly was excited for a ride in the scoop (her ears are up in this picture as she was not impressed that I stopped to take a picture.  She likes to sail over the drifts!)
Maddie ran in circles, chasing snowflakes... 
 ..and then a game of chase with Polly.

The kitties got towelled off when they came inside.  They're not into hot chocolate but opted for a nap curled up on a warm blanket.

Wednesday 18 December 2013

Rushing The Season

We are having a lot of winter, despite the fact it is still officially fall.  We had 25 cm on Sunday and the same amount or more is on its way down now.
Polly came out for a second, shook her paw, and headed back inside.  Maddie waited patiently while I dug out the steps.
Then he tried to catch every single snowflake as it fell, much like we did as kids catching them on our tongue.
Polly watched us from the front window.  I expect she will be happy to go for a ride in the snow scoop once it stops snowing....if it ever does.  We are hearing whispers of another 45 cm for this Sunday...but that's ok as it will be winter then. 

Thursday 12 December 2013

Adding Some Colour

I haven't been sewing so haven't had anything to share but here's a bit of news you may not have heard.  Beginning early in 2014 Schmetz sewing machine needles will now be colour coded for size and type.  That will make it much easier on our ageing eyes to identify the proper needle for our project.
You can read about it here on the Schmetz site or download the new chart in pdf format here. As a user of these needles, I will print the chart and hang it near my machine for reference.

Tuesday 3 December 2013

A Little Christmas Nonsense

I've been goofing off...making fudge, going shopping, cutting holly...  Over the weekend after the bees were wrapped for the winter, I decided it was time to get a Care Package ready for my youngest at university. Exams start next week and he and his 4 room mates are up late hitting the books.  I figured they could use a little nonsense. Gathering my box of Christmas prints I sketched out a stocking shape, a little on the stubby side so that large hands could reach down inside.

 It was fun to mix and match the prints for the contrasting cuff.

Because these are not intended as heirlooms, stitching the names on free motion was a quick and easy way to go.  I had the 5 stockings done is less than an hour.
Stuffing them was so much fun:  packets of hot chocolate, Christmas Eve tea, peppermint kisses, caramels, boxes of raisins, fruit snacks, bags of Santa jujubes, chocolate coins, and of course a candy cane.
The stockings nestled in snugly with some other Christmas goodies and were couriered out this morning.  It was a fun surprise on the other end when it arrived this afternoon, and the boys loved having their names stitched on the socks.
We never grow too old for such nonsense.