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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Snow Fun

Our snow continued throughout the day yesterday.  It's a beautiful snow - angel soft and perfect for snowmen and coasting.  Polly was excited for a ride in the scoop (her ears are up in this picture as she was not impressed that I stopped to take a picture.  She likes to sail over the drifts!)
Maddie ran in circles, chasing snowflakes... 
 ..and then a game of chase with Polly.

The kitties got towelled off when they came inside.  They're not into hot chocolate but opted for a nap curled up on a warm blanket.


  1. Just the pics I was waiting to see! Go kitties go!! Woohooo - what fun! But seriously Karen, you're going to have to teach them the finer things of winter- I want to see them with hot chocolate and marshmallow on their whiskers!!

  2. Simply adorable.
    One of mine got out onto the verandah as I was talking to two people at my door. Pixel walked out, stopped, turned and came right back in. It was too cold out for my little senior girl.

  3. Aren't they funny! Cats like their comfort, so I'm surprised that yours (and others too!) like to play outdoors in snow.

  4. Too funny! It's crazy that Polly loves snow sports so much, but now Maddie?

  5. I expect to see Polly as a viral Youtube video shortly. Such fun.