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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A Little Christmas Nonsense

I've been goofing off...making fudge, going shopping, cutting holly...  Over the weekend after the bees were wrapped for the winter, I decided it was time to get a Care Package ready for my youngest at university. Exams start next week and he and his 4 room mates are up late hitting the books.  I figured they could use a little nonsense. Gathering my box of Christmas prints I sketched out a stocking shape, a little on the stubby side so that large hands could reach down inside.

 It was fun to mix and match the prints for the contrasting cuff.

Because these are not intended as heirlooms, stitching the names on free motion was a quick and easy way to go.  I had the 5 stockings done is less than an hour.
Stuffing them was so much fun:  packets of hot chocolate, Christmas Eve tea, peppermint kisses, caramels, boxes of raisins, fruit snacks, bags of Santa jujubes, chocolate coins, and of course a candy cane.
The stockings nestled in snugly with some other Christmas goodies and were couriered out this morning.  It was a fun surprise on the other end when it arrived this afternoon, and the boys loved having their names stitched on the socks.
We never grow too old for such nonsense.


  1. I can certainly imagine how excited those guys would be to receive these treats! You are such a good (thoughtful) Mom. Makes me feel like I should be doing that for my kiddies too...

  2. That was such a sweet thing for you to do for all of them.

  3. What is that sewing......"we don't stop playing when we get old, we get old because we stop playing".....such a fun and caring gift for young fellers away from home!

  4. It is amazing how much of a lift a little gift like this can give.
    When my son was training in Charlottetown, he got a Timmie's gift card from his former Sunday School, and he was thrilled to receive it.

  5. What a cute idea and I'm sure it was much appreciated from the guys. Makes me wish I had some kids away at school.