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Sunday 25 May 2008


This morning began bright and early with a 5 am trip to the bee yard. My husband and I, with the farmer's help, moved the hives into a field of blueberries. They will stay there for a few weeks and then we'll move them to another location to catch some wildflower blossoms.
After a rainy, cold week the bees were happy to see the sunshine today ( as were we!) and set about right away scouting their new neighbourhood.

Thursday 15 May 2008

Ship Ahoy!

We had clear skies and warm breezes today, perfect sailing weather.

Perfect weather for a photo shoot also!

Thursday 8 May 2008

Ship Ahoy

Yesterday Tilly (the cat) helped me baste. So far I have the preliminary foot-work done. I like to stitch in the ditch first then remove the pins for some the free-motion fun. Haven't decided on the binding colour as yet; I am pondering taking one of the blues to the outside...or perhaps leaving it yellow and binding it in the same fabric as the outer bands. Probably yellow would be the best choice?

Tuesday 6 May 2008

Ship Ahoy

Despite some weekend interruptions for a trip to a mentor's beeyard (more on that later) the sailboat quilt has zipped right along. (Yes it needs to be pressed, but I was anxious to take the picture...) The pattern will be available very soon; it will d├ębut at the workshop on New York Beauties I am presenting on May 24th. Email if you'd like a copy reserved for you. The sailboats are spaced with New York Beauty blocks which have been stretched to a 120 degree angle. It's been great fun playing with this block and seeing how different it looks pieced in strange angles (including 60 degrees). My sister thinks this piece should be named "Rise and Shine". What do you think?