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Thursday, 26 March 2020

Tula Pink Collector Tins

Yay!  They are here!
It was so much fun when the long-anticipated box arrived from Aurifil, filled with Tula Pink's "Homemade" colector tins.
The thread colours were curated by Tula Pink herself to coordinate perfectly with her Homemade fabric collection. 
The beautiful gold tin is perfect for storing EPP projects, or a classy way to carry tools to your next workshop! 
The collection includes 14 spools of thread in the following colours:
• Four large spools (1300 m each): 5004 , 6727 , 2026, 2835
• Ten small spools (200 m each): 2220, 5002, 2479, 2535, 2582, 5015, 1231, 2860, 1320, 2730

If you are participating in Tula Pink's "Homemade Challenge", you're going to need matching thread! The fabric is available at Mrs. Pugsley's Emporium. 
You can order your Tula Pink thread tin here.  We ship anywhere in Canada, or can arrange local delivery.  Thanks for looking - I am off to sew!

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Business as Usual!

From reading FB posts, I see that many shops are scrambling to get their wares online so that their sales can continue. Did you know that Sew Karen-ly Created has had online ordering since 1993? Yes, you read that correctly – 1993, 27 YEARS! (Robin Hood flour didn’t go online until 1997!) I honestly believe I have the oldest, continually running quilt-related website in Canada. Originally it was just my patterns, but since then I’ve added two of my books, and a HUGE selection of my beloved Aurifil thread. (The other books I’ve worked on are available through Amazon, if you are interested: Patchwork Panache, Sew It In A Weekend, Through The Year Quilts, Quilts For Babies & Kids, Full Size Bed Quilts, America From the Heart, The Best Of Scrap Quilting Made Easy, Quilt Style, Weekend Quilts and Projects, Quick & Easy Sewing For Christmas, Quick & Easy Scrap Quilting, Country Christmas Quilting, Scrap Quilting Made Easy, Easy Denim Quilting). In addition to mail-out print patterns, many are available in pdf format for instant download. I use two different secure payment interfaces for credit cards, Square or Paypal (your choice). If you prefer not to use your credit card online, I also take payment through e-transfer. Just email your order  and I will send an invoice and payment instructions. I have experience working with several carriers, including Canada Post, Maritime Bus, and MBW Courier. If you are in Amherst, I am happy to pop your order in your mailbox. 

Normally at this time of year, I am preparing for in-person vending opportunities at pop-up shops, quilt shows, and workshops but with those venues cancelled, it’s all now online, and we are ready! My many happy repeat customers are testament to trustworthy personal service. Order with confidence, it's business as usual here, and we know how to do this!
Did I mention free shipping on orders over $150.?  Just enter this code: FREE150
Books and patterns are here: OR

Keep calm and quilt on!

Friday, 6 March 2020

Easter Thread Special: Better Than A Chocolate Bunny!

Are you looking for something unique for an Easter basket?
We have adorably packaged spring thread sets, in both a pastel and a richer palette.  The pastel set contains 3 large 1300m spools of Aurifil cotton Mako. 
 Colours included are 1135 Pale Yellow, 2423 Baby Pink, and 1231 Spring Green.
The intense colour set includes 3 large 1300 m spools of 2120 Canary Yellow, 2530 Blossom Pink, and 1114 Grass Green. 

The sets come packaged as shown, all ready for gifting, and at a special price. Your Mom is going to love one of these in her Easter basket!
There are a limited number of sets available, and when they are gone, they're GONE.  As an added bonus, we will give you free shipping anywhere in Canada if your order is over $150.00  Just type in FREE150  in the code field at the checkout.  If you are local, click on "pick up" instead of shipping and we will drop your threads down to Mrs Pugsley's Emporium to be picked up there. You can see all the beautiful Aurifil threads by clicking here.  Hop to it! :)

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Maritime Beauty Workshop?

In response to many requests for a class on New York Beauties, I am tossing around the notion of offering a spring quilting workshop, to be held here in Amherst, Nova Scotia. Our project for the day will be the table-topper “Maritime Beauty”.  
 It’s a great learning piece, as it encompasses so many techniques – curves, spikes, and making and applying bias binding to a curved edge. You also get to turn 4 inside corners with that binding!
Quilted with a walking foot

 Instead of regular foundation piecing, we will do paperless paper-piecing (also known as freezer paper piecing) which results in perfect points with no messy paper to remove afterwards.
The date for the workshop is still tentative, but I am looking at the week of April 20, 2020. If you are interested, kindly email, and we'll firm up the details.
A variation of Maritime Beauty, featuring fussy cut centres.

More Beauties can be viewed here.
EDIT:  Update, the class is scheduled for Tuesday April 21, from 9-3, here in Amherst.  Email for more info  

Friday, 28 February 2020

In The Pink

I have finished up my new "Stuffle", made using Tula Pink Monkeywrench fabrics.  I love it!  All the wild colours and prints are a great pick-me-up on a wintry day.  25 different fabrics were sewn together in curvy strips to make one large piece of patchwork.
It was fun to use my Tula Sunrise thread collection from Aurifil for the piecing.
An assortment of heavier weight threads were selected for the quilting, especially 12 and 28 weights.  I want the bag to be durable.

This zipper is perfect!
The zipper and straps were sewn using 28 weight thread.
 The ends on my original Stuffle used only 4 colours, but for this version I used all 24;  the 25th covered the button used in the centre.
 The ends went in very easily.

  Of course Polly had to check out the lining.
 As pretty as it looks in the snow...I think it would be even nicer on a beach somewhere :)
If you would like to make your own Stuffle, the pattern is here, fabrics (as well as that gorgeous zipper!) are available at Mrs Pugsley's Emporium, and the threads are available online from my thread store.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Op Art Heart

Optical illusions intrigue me...even the simplest ones done with line drawings.  These are the kind of things we did in grade school art class, with straight lines framing a shape, and the lines curving upwards within that shape. Anything we can draw, we can also stitch!  At Hallowe'en, I did a severed hand.  In person, it really does look like the hand is raised up off the fabric.
With Valentine's Day almost here, I decided to try a heart.  I drew the shape and then added straight lines, spaced about 3/8" apart.  The fabric is a scrap of Island Batik almond, which has a pinking/purplish marl of colour through it.  I then layered it with batting and backing and pin basted the layers.
In the needle, I used Aurifil 12 weight cotton, (2265 Lobster Red) and a size 16/100 Topstitch needle.  My bobbin is loaded with regular 50 weight Aurifil, and my machine is set up for free motion stitching. 
Ideally, I should have used a ruler/ruler foot, but this was more of a "let's try and see if this will work" project, so I wasn't terribly concerned as to whether my lines were perfectly straight.
I don't think the effect is as pronounced as with the stark black thread on pure white used in the hand, but you can see that the heart does stand out from the background.
I decided to cut this into a mug mat size (although that's clearly not a mug pictured...)
It took about 20 minutes to stitch, so it was a quick and fun project and may just end up in a Valentine's basket of treats.

Monday, 10 February 2020

We are Auri-FILLED!

We are having snow again today and I was anxious the delivery man would not arrive with the new order of Aurifil threads.  But he did!  We have restocked some of the favourites, and have added a few more items to our ever-growing inventory.
New in are small spools of 50 weight cotton Mako, in an assortment of colours.  These will take awhile to get added to the checkout, but you are welcome to email if you are looking for a colour. We may have the perfect shade! These are small spools in comparison to the larger Aurifil ones, but still hold a generous 220 yards of thread. 
Collections are popular, so we have added Strawberry and one simply called The Bright collection to our offering.  You can see pictures of the threads inside on the website, as well as the other collections currently in stock.
No doubt you've see the Colour Builder series;  three spools in a coordinating palette to help build your thread stash. So far, we just have Carrara, which has black, natural white, and a medium grey.
This brilliant selection of colours are the best-selling shades: white, beige, light grey and black.  You can't go wrong with these.
You can find all these threads here.  We deliver across Canada, and local pick up is available.  Thanks for looking!

Monday, 20 January 2020

New Aurifil Thread Checkout

It took some doing...but my Canadian Aurifil thread store has been inventoried and re-organized to make the ordering process run more smoothly.  The threads are all separated into categories which you can choose from the links along the left side.

This is a big step forward;  the site will make it easier on this end to track inventory and add MORE THREAD in the coming months.  Already, there are 73 colours in stock in the 50 weight spools from which to choose, and plans for that to grow.  From Amherst, Nova Scotia, we are happy to deliver across Canada via Canada Post Expedited, or regionally on Maritime Bus.  If you are a local, you can order from the website and select "pickup" to save shipping charges.  Mrs Pugsley's Emporium in downtown Amherst generously allows me to drop thread orders there;  just email me if you need to arrange a time outside of shop hours.
For the month of January, I am offering free shipping on orders within Canada over $150. before taxes.  Just enter code  FREE150 at the checkout. 
You can bookmark this link,  , or access it through my website.
Thanks for looking, and for your continued support!

Monday, 13 January 2020

Quilting Withdrawal...

Yikes...13 days into the new year, and I have no quilt on the go!  It seems so odd to walk into a quiet and tidy sewing room.  The Bernina looks so forlorn :(

This does not mean that I have been idle, in fact it's the very opposite.  I have been working steadily at updating the checkout section of my thread website. If any of you do your own site, then you know how long this takes:  forever and a day.  Thankfully, I think I have it whittled down now to just "forever", so progress is being made.  It's tedious work, and I know if I start a quilt, I will not be able to leave it alone.  I am a finisher when it comes to sewing.  I am hoping to have all the computer work done in another week or so, and then I will dig out my boxes of silk for a new church banner.  I haven't even allowed myself to see what's in my silk stash. My hands have not been idle, either.  My great-niece Taylor came on the weekend, and we had a great time making clothes for her American doll, Lucy.  Hubby even got talked into cobbling matching sandals for her summer outfit!
 Lucy left snuggled in her new winter coat and scarf, which she sure needed for our current weather.
And when I need a break from the screen, my hands are kept busy knitting.  I am on the foot of one sock, and about half-way finished a slouchy toque.
For some reason I don't have the need to finish every knitting project I start, so I expect once the website is updated, the knitting will languish until next Christmas!