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Friday 10 May 2024

Catch of the Day Lobster Tote

Drum roll please!  I am happy to announce the release of the 4th pattern in the Tidewater Totes series.  There's nothing that says "east coast" more than lobsters.   

I sewed the red, white and blue bag first and then saw this picture online, which suggested a totally different palette for my crustacean.  

I had the perfect mottled orange-red batik in my stash.
All the stitching on the bags is done completely by machine.
The colours are off in this shot, it's actually prettier in person, but you can't order up sunny days at will.  (Or at least I can't...)
The totes feature two inside pockets, one of which spans the width of the bag, and has a simple loop and button closure.  I actually used a wooden toggle on the green bag. The features are added with thread, but you could use a permanent marker (like a Sharpie) for the feelers and eyes if you prefer.

As before, we took the totes to the lighthouse park in Five Islands for the photo shoot.

If you have ever been near the Bay of Fundy when the tide is coming in, you will understand that it's no small feat to take good pictures.  These bags are all weighted down with bricks inside to prevent them blowing off the bench.  Even so, it's snap, snap, snap quick-as-you-can!

The totes for all 4 of these designs are available in print and download version on my website, and are shipping out to stores as I write so please check at your local quilt shop.  


  1. Well - aren't these fun patterns! And I love your photo backgrounds.

  2. What a lovely new collection of totes. I think these new designs are going to be very popular.