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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Rushing The Season

We are having a lot of winter, despite the fact it is still officially fall.  We had 25 cm on Sunday and the same amount or more is on its way down now.
Polly came out for a second, shook her paw, and headed back inside.  Maddie waited patiently while I dug out the steps.
Then he tried to catch every single snowflake as it fell, much like we did as kids catching them on our tongue.
Polly watched us from the front window.  I expect she will be happy to go for a ride in the snow scoop once it stops snowing....if it ever does.  We are hearing whispers of another 45 cm for this Sunday...but that's ok as it will be winter then. 


  1. Someone told me, in October, when we had a heat wave, that it was going to be a green Christmas this year...yeah, right. I could use a bit of that global warming this week!

  2. I always enjoy the stories about your kitties - they are adorable. Karen the pictures taken of the holly & berries is so festive. Merry Christmas. Lucy

  3. Yes we have lots of snow, for it still being "fall" don't we? I can't wait to see Polly riding in the snow scoop again.. Go Polly Go!!

  4. Wow, lots of wet white stuff! Maddie is a very funny little cat, I can't imagine either or ours in snow. The pics of snow in your holly bush is lovely - like an old-fashioned Christmas card.