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Sunday, 15 June 2014

California Dreamin'

The VW Bus fabric I got at Mrs. Pugsley's and showed on my last post is sewn up and ready to be delivered for Father's Day.
My husband has had a life-long dream of owning a Westfalia, a tricked-out Volkswagen camper van. Never mind they stopped making them in '79, there are still lots on the road today.  It's not likely that this dream of his will be realized any time soon;  these days we seem to choose our vehicles based on how many beehives will fit in the back...but the fabric is perfect for a pillowcase, where he can motor around in his dreams.
The print on the fabric was running crosswise but I had purchased enough that this was not a problem (if you encounter a similar situation, purchase one metre - 40" instead of 27")
Originally I intended to trim it in bright red but decided that was more my taste than his.  He's a plain, vanilla kind of guy so I went with a pristine white Cotton Couture by Michael Miller for the cuff.
 He hasn't received it yet so shhhh....
Our sky is grey...what's it like in Californa, Marilyn?


  1. Very cool! I should not have showed Mike the photo because he gently reminded me that I still owe him a pillowcase from last year! It is now at the top of my list.

  2. You have been finding the most interesting fabric lately. We have some marine layer this morning here Karen. But, it should be clearing out soon. We have had near perfect weather lately. 75 average.

  3. Not sure where your Marilyn lives, but here, 40 miles east of San Francisco, it is clear blue skies with a slight breeze. Forecasted high of 80°F. It's the kind of day that if you are in a protected spot, it gets doggone hot. But that breeze just keeps everything lovely.

  4. What a fun gift! Weather......yesterday here it reached about 13-14 deg C, but a very cold wind meant the "feels like" temperature didn't get above 7 deg all day. Today is forecast to reach 15 C, but we aren't holding out any great hopes.