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Sunday 22 June 2014


This morning a little before 6, hubby called me to the back door to greet a visitor who had arrived during the night.  We weren't expecting anyone so this was a total surprise.  See who it is?   A Google search identifies him as a Cecropia Moth belonging to the family of giant silk moths.
He's a big fellow!  I got a shot of the lock and door knob for comparison.
Stats list his wing span as 5-6" and that sounds about right.  He was pretty massive when he flipped his wings up.
 His body is very colourful;  the regular pattern of dots on his abdomen is amazing.
 His antennae are feathers!  We think from the size of them he is a male.

It's 9:30 am as I write, and he is still snoozing away on the door frame.  My big concern for his safety is Polly, so she is staying inside while he naps.
If he is a giant silk you suppose he was attracted by my boxes and boxes of silk stash?  Or maybe it's just that the porch light was on last night, welcoming his presence...


  1. Oooooh, he's bee-ootiful! I'm sure he was attracted by your silk stash- he probably could tell you're a silk-lover! His markings are gorgeous- isn't nature amazing?

  2. What a treasure!! I see a quilt in his colors! Great find, great post!

  3. That's incredible! Thank you for sharing. You got such great photos of him.

  4. Just incredible , love his markings !

  5. Isn't he gorgeous - how lucky are you to have such an amazing visitor!