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Friday 13 June 2014

It's Hard Not to Hoard Fabric...

I went to Mrs P's and bought fabric...I didn't need these fabrics but I sure did want them.  VW buses, antique sewing machines, a newspaper print (in French no less) -  it's so hard to resist.
I have no clue what I will make from any of them, but this newsprint by Stof  has intrigued me since I first saw it. When Linda was in town earlier this week, she sent me into a bit of a panic when I saw her heading to the cutting table with this bolt balanced on top of her pile.  I was afraid she was going to buy it all (she's like that, you know...) so I made sure I got some in case she comes back for the rest.  (She says she won't, but you just can't trust that woman around fabric...)
This one is called "And Sew On" by Henry Glass.  Frankly, I don't need to make anything from it, just having it to admire is satisfying. All those beautiful vintage machines with their black Japan finish and scroll-work details on a red background is perfection.
It goes nicely with my sewing machine collection...which includes this toy hand crank (a gift from my brother) as well as four Featherweights.  Surely it makes more fiscal sense to buy machine fabric rather than another machine...?


  1. What fun fabrics.......I specially love that sewing machine fabric!

  2. OMG! I don't remember seeing that VW bus fabric!
    I will return! Beth has a postage stamp fabric coming in that I need to get.

  3. I love fabric with words and it is hard to cut it up. I often end up using it on the back of my quilts. Have a nice weekend.

  4. Fun fabrics , glad Linda left some for you ;-)

  5. I don't know which I covet more, the sewing machine or the sewing machine fabric.
    I can think of lots of ideas for the fabric, even if it isn't purple.

  6. 4 feitherweights? You have indeed hit the jackpot!

  7. Okay, stop it now. I have a trip in your direction very soon and I do love red.