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Monday 23 June 2014

Cecropia 2 (or is that 3?)

Here's part two of the moth story, continued from yesterday.  The Cecropia moth moved from the door frame down onto the deck to continue his rest. Sorry Mr. Moth, that's not a good idea around here!  My hubby looked around to find a higher, less vulnerable-to-cats location when his eye fell on two more of these beautiful moths on the cupola of our baby barn!
He picked up our friend, who gave no objection to his touch. Hubby has a gentle hand and often carries his bees back to safety when they go astray.

When he came down, I scrambled up the ladder to take pictures.  The top two appear to be a male/female pair;  there is significant difference in their antennae which is how one determines moth gender (the larger feathers belong to the male). They didn't object to having their friend join them and the three amigos snoozed the day away in safety.
By nightfall they had gone.


  1. What a spectacular's truly amazing.

  2. WOW!! Perhaps they are a family on a family holiday trip??

  3. That is so COOL! Beautiful pictures of beautiful beasties. And three cheers for your husband who can pick them up (without screaming)!

  4. Mother nature continues to astound, and she has some very nice helpers

  5. They are beautiful. I love watching butterflies, moths, dragonflies and etc. How nice they came to visit you!!!

  6. How wonderful to have three of these beauties :-)

  7. Beautiful colors. Inspiration for a quilt maybe ???????