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Sunday 8 June 2014

Decisions, Decisions...

The wedding antependium has been pieced and ready for quilting for a few days but I have been pondering my options on how to proceed.  Silk is a different animal than cotton and needs special treatment.  Using scraps of the white dupioni, I tested several different markers and left them overnight.  The purple air soluble was as bright the next day as when it was applied which is very odd.   It took a fair bit of soaking in warm water to remove the blue water soluble one, and even a bit of scrubbing for the Crayola washable marker to disappear.  The FriXXion leaves a distinct white mark which in this case is not horrible as it is a white fabric but even so I hesitate to use it...just in case.  I've decided in my typical fools-rush-in fashion that I will free hand the quilting and not mark anything.  I drew out my spaces full sized and doodled a simple design which I think I can do. 
I *think* if I eyeball the curve and make the feathers fit an imaginary boundary it will be ok.  Humility quilting for sure...A piece of masking tape across the centre point will give a temporary line to follow for the first straight line which the edge of the presser foot can then echo for the cross-hatching. Last evening was spent practicing the design on the full sized pattern.  Thankfully, I quilt better than I draw as my fingers no longer hold a pen well.  Polly watched jealously all the attention that paper was commanding.
Naturally, when I laid it on the floor to take a picture she saw her opportunity to claim it as hers.
The actual piece is hanging up out of Polly's reach or I am sure she would have that too...
(Blogger turned the picture sideways so you'll have to tip your head over to see it correctly!)  Some collective finger-crossing would be appreciated for the quilting because it cannot be ripped out successfully if it doesn't work.  I would have to start the piece over from scratch.  Oh, my...


  1. Kitties are just so darn helpful aren't they!! Karen, you are a beautiful machine quilter and I know you will do an amazing job on this but, as requested, fingers shall be crossed!!

  2. Well, Polly is having a great time isn't she! I draw my quilting designs onto tracing paper, then pin that on the quilt and quilt through markings are needed, and if you stray outside the line no one will ever know. The worst part is tearing it away afterwards. Karen, your quilting is beautiful and I know you will do justice to this lovely piece.

  3. You are one brave gal but I have no doubt that you will be successful. I haven't seen anything on your site that doesn't look like it's very well done..I will be anxious to see the finished quilt, it's already very pretty..fingers crossed here!!