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Monday, 16 June 2014

Sweet As Honey

I mentioned last week that Scrapmaster Linda visited Amherst. Bee-ing her thoughtful self, she brought along some sweet gifts.  I love the colour of the napkins, and her FQ is a perfect match. Notice that it`s tied with a selvedge from a bee print.  She even fancied up a gift bag with bee motifs.
Included in the bag was this adorable fabric postcard
I will add this to my extensive (ha!) collection of ATC`s, which brings the total number to 3.  
The others are an Anne card made by Cynthia Mitro-Richardson as a thank-you from the London Friendship Quilter`s Guild, and an awesome NYB card made by Kate from Kanata.
Thank you Linda for your thoughtfulness.


  1. Just wanted to say thank-you for all your help with my new venture into the quilting world. Your confidence in me has helped me so much.

  2. What fun gifts! Can't help noticing the cover of your new book on the sidebar too - it's very scrumptious indeed!

  3. You have been finding the most interesting fabrics. Or your friends have been. Either way, how fun!

  4. Karen, you really must try making one of your own. They are such fun, and finish so quickly.

  5. Three makes it a collection!! Linda is a sweetheart.