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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

DWR Appliqué

Making it up as you go along means you have to be open to "let's try this and see it if works."  So far so good.  Having never made a Double Wedding Ring (DWR) before I was unsure if it would be tricky to line up the rings for easy matching.  I decided that logically the rings would meet at a 45° angle in the corner.
It was a snap to put them together (sometimes that's not a good sign!)  It took three full days to appliqué the rings onto the squares;  working with silk is very slow...and slippery!
After the rings were appliquéd, I held my breath and began to join the blocks into rows.  Thankfully, the rings matched up easily.
These seams will all be pressed open with a damp press cloth and then the rows will be joined together.  It's exciting when it starts to come together!


  1. Well done! Some years ago I made an appliqued DWR - the rings were foundation pieced, they were joined into a lattice then appliqued onto the background......but it's only 16in square.