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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

TTC Finished!

Yay!  The Trend Tex Challenge quilt is all finished and on its way to Newfoundland.  I'm never quite sure if it is poor manners to show the piece before CQA does on their site, so I'll just post a couple now and add the rest later.  I had a piece of a yellow Benartex batik very similar to the one used on the front, so it was perfect for the back.
I showed the grapes in Sunday's post as I was stitching them, so surely it's ok to show them finished.   That doesn't give anything away.
I changed my needle THREE TIMES to quilt this little 17" x 21" hanging.  With batiks back and front, it took no time to hear that tell-tale thunk thunk of a dull needle.  Once you hear that, skipped stitches are not far behind.  Do you listen to your machine as you stitch?  You can learn all kinds of things listening to the subtle changes in the sounds it makes.


  1. that yellow and blue backing would be perfect for the backing of my current 'leaders and enders' project. will have to keep my eyes open for something similar.

  2. What an interesting tease! Definitely - once the needle starts to 'pop' as it goes through the fabric, you know it should have been changed one or two seams ago!

  3. Ooooh, you are a tease!! Can't wait to see your "whole" Challenge piece. Yes I DO listen to my Bernina baby, you can tell a lot about your machine if you listen carefully...

  4. Can't wait to see the rest of this gorgeous quilt! I change my needles quite often, so Thunk Thunk Thunk means that I've somehow bent a needle - or that Rusty and Ginger are getting into trouble.

  5. Looking forward to seeing the "whole" quilt. My Bernina tells me when she wants a new needle too. It's a bit harder on the long arm though.