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Wednesday 13 March 2013

Maritime Beauty Kits

Last week I teased you with photos of the back of the Maritime Beauty I was working on.

 Now it's time for the big reveal!
I just LOVE this piece!
As mentioned previously, these are some of the new fabrics which have arrived at the soon-to-be-a-real-quilt-shop, Mrs. Pugsley's Emporium.  
The collection is by Robert Kaufman Fabrics and is called "Valley Of The Kings."  It is rich and elegant, with gold metallic accents in the black, gold and purple fabrics.  The collection includes a multi-coloured stripe which I saved for the bias binding;  I always love how stripes wrap themselves so gracefully around the outer curves. 
I shot a few pictures inside, and then my helper suggested we go out in the snow for some natural light.
What would I do without Polly's help?  We tried out a couple of spots to avoid too much sun or shade, and finally found a sweet spot to shoot.

This one below is my favourite shot. 
The owner of Mrs. P's liked it so much, she has decided to offer kits on the design.  These kits are available online only for now and the first few will go at a special price and with a reduced postage rate (only $6.50!)  Mrs. P's has put together two different kits:  one which includes all fabrics, even the backing fabric, for $30.00, and one which is just the fabrics for the top for $20.00.  (If you are in Canada, there is HST on top of that of course.)
You can purchase your kit by using the yellow Add To Cart button below.  Use the drop down arrow on the right hand side  to select the kit you'd like - either with or without backing.  The pattern for Maritime Beauty is NOT included in the kit, you can purchase that separately from my website.

Purchase Your Kit Here:


  1. Oh wow, Karen.....what can I say, this is so beautifully rich and sumptuous. I'm not surprised you love it!

  2. Gee, I was looking for a project to take on retreat with me. I think this might be the one!

  3. Oh my, Karen-I am too thrilled to speak-my kit just arrived- such BEE-OO-TI-FUL fabric-I have just been sitting and holding it-it is too gorgeous for words or to cut into-I may need to order another kit just to cut-my parcel was packaged nicely and did I mention that I was thrilled it was finally here??I've been wanting to order from you for some time and now I'm glad I bit the bullit!OK now, no one bother me till I get this fabric cut!!!! For anyone who has not ordered this kit, I would do it sooner than later!!