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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Mailman Came...

...and left this big envelope:
Could it be...?!?
It was like opening my acceptance letter from university a million years ago.  I held my breath, and then I saw that magic word:  CONTESTANT!!
 My Roundabout Again has been juried into the 2013 AQS Paducah Show in April!!!
Ecstatic is not a large enough word to describe how I am feeling. Apologies to those friends who got awakened with a giddy phone call (well, you should have been up any way by then!) or received one from my almost-dead-constantly-beeping cell phone...(and I can't imagine what my husband's secretary thought was happening!)
You can see pictures of the full quilt here.  The show runs April 24-27 in Paducah, Kentucky.  I am off to charge my phone, I think I've got a few more calls to make *-)
Edit:  You can see the entire list of semi-finalists here


  1. WOOOHOOOOO! A BIG CONGRATS!! to you Karen. Maybe you should make your way to Paducah??!!

  2. Wow...Paducah isn't that far from Amherst. You should go!

  3. This is so exciting Karen. I get gooseflesh just thinking about it.Wouldn't a trip to the event be the icing on a very lovely cake

  4. I'm jumping around in happy celebration with you. Congratulations.

  5. Will get photos of your quilt hanging as I will be in Paducah again this year. Hope to get better ones than I did the last time as I am concentrating on learning more about my camera settings, etc. CONGRATULATIONS!

  6. How cool is that - congratulations many times over! A trip to Paducah coming up for you, do you think........?

  7. Oh that is just soooo excitng... our very own Nova Scotia Designer... Thank you Karen for all you do to keep the art of quilting alive and exciting for all your students♥♥♥

  8. Oh that is wonderful news Karen. Congratulations! You rock!

  9. That is wonderful news. Congratulations, youn are awesome.

  10. Karen - congratulations! That is so wonderful but you are certainly deserving!