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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Quilting Hijinks

Progress on Maritime Beauty was slower than hoped for yesterday.
I had the top all basted before I left for an afternoon appointment. When I returned, vandals had somehow gotten to the quilting and made a rumpled mess of everything.  I had to un-baste and start over.  Sigh... Regardless, by day's end the seams were all ditch-stitched using a neutral shade of Invisifil.  Early this morning I added a feathered wreath in gold thread.   Metallic thread is sometimes tricky to stitch;  it requires a sharp-pointed, large-eyed needle (like a metallic, top-stitch or Cordonnet) and a good reduction on the top tension to reduce drag on the thread.  My top tension was dialed right down to zero for the free motion and no issues with thread breaking.
It's hard to see in the picture, but from the back I've decided I like it and will proceed with more.
The vandals were duly located.  Isn't this one the epitome of innocence?  I expect if Polly could whistle nonchalantly, she would be doing just that.
Partner-in-crime Maddie doesn't even try to make an effort!
Sincerest thanks for all the nice comments and lovely emails yesterday.  Some who are set to "no reply" I cannot respond to, but just know that I appreciate your support and good wishes.


  1. HOW could you blame those quilting hijinks on those two POOR INNOCENT pussycats??? They are truly the picture of innocence. I'm sure Polly IS whistling.. you just can't hear her with your human ears... hahahaha

  2. They really do appear innocent. And quite calm.

  3. Well, aren't those two just the picture of "who - me?" Those fabrics are so scrumptious they could almost be eaten!

  4. Oops! I guess it is "when mum's away, the cats will play", since there are no mice involved.

  5. We should introduce my Lester to your Polly & Maddie. He likes to "help" me when I sew too.