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Saturday, 23 March 2013


Hubby and I decided to take a short jaunt to Maine this week.  It was complicated to figure out the best driving days as our snow forecast was so changeable from one moment to the next.  Before we left, I made sure everything was in place and ready to send off to the Paducah show.  I revamped the hanging sleeve as per their very precise instructions and made a label for the back.  It was a very simple one, done in Word on the computer and printed on a treated fabric sheet.  
After rinsing off the excess ink and allowing it to dry, I laid it face down on a piece of plain cotton and stitched around the edges, leaving an opening to turn.  It was hand stitched to the back of the quilt.
Someone told me you are not supposed to have a label on the back of a quilt that goes for judging, but no where in the very explicit rules from AQS did it say this.  My last quilt that went there sported a label and it was not disqualified, so this one has one as well.  Any thoughts or comments on the label issue?

When I went to get tissue paper to put between the folds, I discovered that instead of sheets of tissue, I had shredded strings that looked like Easter grass.  Thank you Polly and Maddie for doing such a thorough job on the tissue well as on the padded bubble mailing envelopes which were stored on the same shelf...
The rules for Paducah say that the quilt needs to arrive between March 29 and April 5 to qualify.  That's trickier than it sounds when you are mailing from another country as the package may well get held up at Customs.  I checked at the main Post Office last week for their advice and have decided - taking into account shipping times, Customs, and the Easter holiday - my optimal day to mail is Monday.  But what about the snow...and if our travel back got delayed...?
My last will and testament to those remaining behind...MAIL THE BOX!!!


  1. Too bad your trip wasn't longer. You could have mailed it from Maine.
    Hope you have a good trip.

  2. I think you were very brave to leave that package at home with your 2 'assistants'.

  3. I have heard that quilts for AQS need to have a label but that it should be covered with a temporary fabric to conceal the maker until after it is judged. If it didn't say that in their explicit instructions, then I'd think you are good to go.
    Good luck and I'll look for it hanging in the show with a ribbon on it.

  4. Those two helpers are just sew helpful!!! Congratulations Karen! I love your "Roundabout Again"