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Friday, 29 March 2013

What's In A Word?

Having lived the early part of my life as first a student of the English language and then as a teacher of the same, I am always fascinated by words.  Odd sounding and looking words onomatopoeia, which is almost an example of itself...or words borrowed from our French neighbours (couche tarde is my family's all time favourite in that category!)  I like being in line up at Tim Horton's to hear folks order with their proprietary lingo: "double-double", or "4 x 4".  I've often wondered how terms like "Fat Quarters" or "UFO"'s ended up as regular in quilter's vocabularies.  Everyone uses them NOW...but how did they get started?  I think I got a hint earlier this week, and I giggle each time I think about it...
Picture being in a quilt shop next to a person who asks for 12 Fat Quarters and a Flabbie to match one of the prints.  Yup, you heard it right -  flabbie!!  While doing some cutting for mail-orders, Beth of Mrs. Pugsley's Emporium came up against what one calls a half-metre cut.  Was there a special name for it?  Hmm., I don't think so - I just call it a half-metre.  Beth has decided at her shop, they will be named Flabbies.  Check out her post here, and have a giggle.  It makes perfect sense to accompany that Fat Quarter with something of similar terminology.  "Mrs. P's Emporium:  Home Of The Flabbie". :)


  1. Flabbie sounds like the perfect name to me!! When does Mrs. P open???
    Karen, you might want to check the link to her "Flabbie post". It does take you to her blog, but not the post...

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  3. Oh I guess they are spelled Flabbie!!
    Happy Easter Karen to you and yours....