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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Life Is But A Stream...

One of my blog buddies - Jennifer -whom I've gotten to "know" over the past few years lives 'down under.'  When Jennifer announced that she was going to host her own radio show, it made me wish I was within hearing distance.  Of course I am - we all are! - as the station streams live over the Internet.  Jennifer's show is Sunday 7 pm to 9 pm Sydney, Australia time which translates to 4 am to 6 am Sydney, Nova Scotia time!  I set my alarm last Sunday morning for 4 and took my laptop to bed.  It was exciting to log in, which you can do here: 
Her voice is so soothing that with Maddie draped across the keyboard, Polly snuggled in by my knees (and hubby blissfully oblivious), we all drifted back to sleep shortly after 5:30.  Naturally, this was right about the time Jennifer sent a "cheerio" my way, as well as a weather report for Amherst.  Sorry I missed it Jennifer, I am keen to try again tomorrow.  Definitely worth getting up for!

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  1. Oh Karen....thank you! Love the picture too, but my hair is not quite so curly....or blue.