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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Palm Sunday

Another special day, another special antependium. It's a simple one with a clear message.  Palm fronds are fused and free-motion stitched.
The lettering is outlined with satin-stitch to clearly define the edges.  (After stitching is a session of self-doubt:  does 'Hosanna' have 2 n's or 2 s's?  Hmmm...)

The palm leaf is the same used in the Easter hanging, just oriented a different way.


  1. OMG! That is beautiful! Happy Palm Sunday and have a great Holy week!

  2. Very nice!! Simple but very effective! Enjoy your mini Vacation!!

  3. Every time you reveal one of these hangings- I am 'blown away'! They are fabulous! The thought & care that goes into these pieces is amazing. Thank you for sharing your creative genius with us! I am fortunate, in that I can & DO wander into the church to check these pieces out in person...and stand in awe! Beth

  4. They are beautiful! I only WISH I could see them in person. I can so identify with that moment of self-doubt. Why does that happen? It's as if we have to rob ourselves of the joy.

  5. I have that problem with the spelling all the time.
    Of course, yours is perfect and beautiful, as usual.