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Friday, 15 March 2013

Mirror, Mirror On The Ball...

All kinds of interesting things happen when you least expect them. A couple of weeks ago out of the blue I had an email from Mark Hordyszynski.  Most of you will recognize Mark's name as the designer of Mirror Ball Dot and Fairy Frost fabrics for Michael Miller.  These fabrics stand out for their unusual hand and decided sheen;  they are quite unique in the marketplace.  When Mirror Ball Dot was first released, I did some projects with it; this nursery set entitled Yan Tan Tethera uses some of the soft, dreamy pastels of Mirror Ball Dot... does this easy to sew Lollipop quilt.  Both patterns are available on my website.
I used 4 blocks from my Fruit Smoothie pattern to make this quick mat one spring.

Mirror Ball Dot created a bit of a following, and when the fabric finished its run and was no longer available,we heard stories of folks hoarding Mirror Ball Dot.  Hoarding fabric - really?  Now who would do that...?!?  :)
(besides me, I mean...)
I even saved the original colour cards.

It was very cool to hear from Mark who is re-introducing the fabric through Michael Miller.  He chose 6 quilt and fibre artists and asked us each to each come up with something unique from this fabric, fleshed out with a few colours of Cotton Couture.  How fun to get a parcel from Hawaii yesterday!

These are my Mirror Ball Dot colours to use...
...and this is Cotton Couture.
You can see the full line of colours available for both these lines on the Michael Miller website.
Mark is no small talent - a bit of a Renaissance Man- as you will see on his site, The Mad Hatter of Maui.

Mark has written a post on the others involved in the project which you can read here.
We will each be given a date in a few weeks' time to post what we've come up with.  I will post the links in the blog hop, so please be sure to check back.  How could I say no to something this fun and creative?

I just hope I can rise to the challenge.  Thanks, Mark!


  1. What fun! And what an honour for you to be chosen to take part - he has good taste that man!! I can't wait to see what you come up with - I do know it will be gorgeous!! Lori

  2. What lovely fabrics! What a great idea for a project for the tail end of a long winter. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do. Have you thought of hand delivering the results? Maui's a beautiful place.

  3. That's an interesting selection of colours! I will be curious to see what they turn into.

  4. Oh I LOVE those mirror ball dot fabrics.. I have a few small pieces "hoarded" myself!! Can't wait to see what you do with them...