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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Changing Spoons

The other day, Lynn asked me what I was working on.  My reply was, "finishing a Maritime Beauty, hand stitching silver coins onto the Black Friday piece (30 of them, of course...), figuring out a design for Mirror Ball Dot (more on this shortly!), preparing material and stitching samples for upcoming workshops and...oh yeah, I almost forgot...the Trend Tex Challenge."  Oh dear.  That Challenge gets me every year.  It's a fund-raiser for CQA and I've participated every year since I've been a member.  I find it exceedingly difficult  - not because of the fabrics or themes, but because we are given Fat Quarters with which to work.  As primarily a patch-worker, Fat Quarters are a problem.  I never have enough.
This year's fabrics are batiks, and the theme is "Sunshine and Vines."
The yellow is a bit muddied for pure sunshine (maybe it's overcast?), but the other colours are great.  The green I particularly like.  I will put the Maritime Beauty on hold and get started on this.  It needs to arrive in Nfld. by the 22nd of this month to qualify.
And for the blue "Fat Quarter" is a bit anorexic;  it measures only 17" x 20"!


  1. I'll be looking forward to see how these inspire you.No doubt you will be less blue than most during this event. I really like the gold. Greens are always on my like list, and that shortchanged blue is a beauty. Have fun Karen

  2. What an interesting collection of fabrics! Lurve that green, can never have too much green can we......the darkest print looks a bit "Starry starry night" by Vincent Van Gogh, doesn't it?

  3. Nice! Were you instantly inspired when you equate the theme to the fabrics?