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Friday 13 April 2012

(New York) Roundabout Again

We have a new pattern to add to the Sew Karen-ly Created... line. Yeah! Yesterday I picked up the large pattern sheets from the printers, so the elves and I have been busy folding, stuffing, and filling bags.
Here is (NY) Roundabout Again. If it looks a bit familiar to you, there's good reason. It's a new and improved version of the popular New York Roundabout pattern. The block is smaller and has been redrawn to fix some of the awkwardness inherent in the first design. It has a smoother overall flow and is a more practical size. It measures 31" x 50", so is a terrific size for a wall hanging or a table topper. As we learned in previous posts, as copyright holder I am within my Rights to present a derivative copy of the original design. I purposely used dramatic colours so the lines of the design would show clearly, which they most certainly do.
Hubby and I took it downtown to be photographed in Amherst's new bandstand in the recently renovated Victoria Square. You can see by the snow that this was awhile back - February, I believe. It takes awhile for things to come together.

After reworking the design, the pattern and instructions needed to be verified and two professional quilt testers stepped up to help. Here is the one made by Mavis Shanks from Howell, Mi. Mavis used Northcott's "Stonehenge" line to piece her Beauty.
Mavis works as a longarm quilter, so it was really interesting to see the designs she chose to quilt. I love that motif in the centre - beautiful work.
This lovely version was made by Darlene Gerber from Geneva, Ohio. Darlene has a blog where she shows her work, as well as more pieces which she has tested for other designers.
I was happy to learn that neither Mavis nor Darlene encountered any issues in making Roundabout Again, and feel confident that the pattern is ready to release. As usual, Polly was involved every step of the way. Here you see her checking the area for stray chickens or mice as we prepare for the photo shoot.
Roundabout Again has been added to the Pattern page of my website, where you can order your copy online.
I am really happy with the way this piece turned out.


  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS Karen! Wow. And by the way - your photos are equally stunning. VERY nice photography : )

    It's nice that you have testers! hmmm I wonder what colors I would try.

    ~Monika in Saskatoon

  2. And so you should be happy!! It is beautiful!!! Funny how each one looks so different because of the different fabric sand colors. They are all gorgeous, but I like yours best! Great shots at the Bandstand.

  3. As usual - GORGEOUS!! One of these days I will have to try my hand at one of those!
    Congratulations on a successful "launch"! Of course, it would not have been possible without your four legged "helper"!

  4. Very nice Karen. Congratulations! We all know what a great help Polly has been!

  5. Very nice Karen. Congratulations! We all know what a great help Polly has been!

  6. Elves? You have elves? Well, no wonder you and Polly get so much done. Seriously, lovely design! Hope you have many sales.

  7. They are beautiful!! Can't wait to take the clasS!! See ya this fall!