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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Plume Progress

In stolen moments, I am working away at the patchwork with the Plume fabrics from Timeless Treasures. Each one I pick up is more delightful than the last. This blue is my current favourite, it adds such a spark of colour and it's perfect next to that gold-laced black.
These partially completed sunbursts will snuggle in between the palm blocks when finished, set-in with a "Y" seam.
As I stitch, I envision how this piece will be quilted. Already I have chosen the thread - a dark brownish- gold metallic Sulky, which will work well with the gold highlights woven into the fabric. Mentally, I am auditioning feather quilting motifs up the palm branches, meandering out to the elongated tips on the top and bottom blocks.
Do you "see" your finished piece and dream your quilting motifs as you stitch the patchwork?


  1. Wow, what gorgeous fabrics.....aren't they scrumptious! That will be such a rich quilt when it's done.

  2. I definitely see the finished piece as I'm working and not just quilted pieces. I usually can see where I'm going with most of the things I do. It's just that sometimes I get surprised.

  3. I try to visualize the quilting while I'm sewing, but seem to change my mind when I start quilting. Love this fabric, I've been searching online fabric stores trying to find it on sale for the last couple of months, but no luck yet!!