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Monday, 16 April 2012

From My Friends At Festival

International Quilt Festival was held this past weekend at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati. I was not there to see my quilt hang, but am so lucky to have received pictures from two attendees at the show. Here are some shots taken by Carol Fulgate. Can you see Farrago in this picture?! :)
Here it is! That's a lot of quilts, and a lot of people!

Last year, fellow blogger Katie Wiseman sent me pictures of the "O Canada" exhibit, and I am so pleased she did the same again this year. Here's Farrago hanging with its neighbours.

And here's Katie, who looks like she is having a wonderful time!
Sincere thanks to both Carol and Katie for sharing these images. It's so wonderful when friends have your back.


  1. Thanks to both of you for sharing. very nice.

  2. Awe very nice. Oh gee.... those festivals are SO huge and SO busy. It always amazes me how much work they are to put up... and how FAST they can take it all down again! Beautiful Karen! : )

  3. How wonderful Karen. I will only be going to the Long Beach International Quilt Festival this year. Will I see your wonderful quilt in person?

  4. It's a lovely quilt, Karen, and how nice that you have friends all over who'll take photos for us.

  5. Just gorgeous , thanks for sharing your beautiful quilt.

  6. Wow, that's a large show! Congratulations on having your quilt hung as part of it.

  7. He he . . You are SOOO welcome, I overheard they're only doing the IQF in Cinci for one more year. So I will most certainly be going for the next one, but if it moves back to New England I won't be able to make it =c( BOOOOO
    It is always an honor to photograph your amazing Quilts Karen! Keep up the great work! You'll be winning the grand prize soon! ;c)

  8. Wouldn't it be fun to see in person, that quilt hanging during the event. Hurrah Karen