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Thursday, 26 April 2012

A Rewarding Experience

Because I finished the piecing on my latest quilt, I treated myself to a coffee at Tim's.
Once the top is quilted and bound, I will find another treat - this one a little more substantial - with which to reward myself. Sometimes I buy a piece of fabric I've had my eye on, or a new foot for my beloved Bernina. This time it may even be new shoes (!) Using this little reward system has really helped me stay on track with completing my projects. Certainly, there's usually more than one thing at a time under the needle here, but they all get finished in turn. There is no closet of UFO's.
What's your system?


  1. I don't blame you for rewarding yourself.....that is just gorgeous!

  2. awesome...I don't keep my UFO's in the closet, they are all over the sewing I like the idea of rewarding yourself, might have to try that

  3. My UFOs (and I may never finish them all) are in project boxes. Maybe I just like the boxes and that is why I have so many. Beautiful quilt.

  4. System? People have systems? That's what's been going wrong. :)

    I think you need to buy yourself some really nice shoes for a piece this pretty! Looking forward to seeing the whole thing.

  5. The quilt is beautiful in colour and design.
    Hope the pattern will be available for purchase soon.

  6. The colours are gorgeous, and I also can't wait to see the quilt in it's entirety. I try to keep up with my UFOs by having no more than one or two on the go at any one time. Oh wait, does it count as a UFO if I have the fabric and pattern but have not actually started working on it yet?? If so, well I'm way behind! So many projects, so little time.

  7. I like the reward system too- I use it too, it works for me, not just in quilting...

  8. I understand the reward system also. I tend to reward myself often tho :P

  9. Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece of
    work with us. The fabrics are gorgeous and
    your work is so perfect.

    Enjoy your reward!

  10. Gorgeous colors... I think hubby would say I reward myself with a piece of something to do with quilting already but I do like the idea that now I have a reasonale explanation for the reward. As for UFO's I cannot have too many. They play havoc on my serenity.
    Oh and here too there is usually more than one piece under the feed dogs.
    Can't wait to see your piece all done and your shoes.