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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Tina's Treasures

In previous posts here and here we saw some very clever quilts made from old neckties by Tina Crowell of Woods Harbour, Nova Scotia. Tina now has her projects all completed. Here is John, the man who owned the 230 neckties from which Tina created her masterpieces. On the wall behind John you can see the boat quilt which was also fashioned by Tina from neckties.
The scenes highlighted in the chevrons below were fussy cut from the silk ties.

A little before Easter, someone sent me a link to a tutorial on silk dyed eggs which I forwarded to Tina. She used some of the silk scraps to try out the technique. Here they are wrapped up and ready to go into the hot water bath.

And here they are fresh out of the water.

Once unwrapped, the eggs look hand painted. Aren't they beautiful? I suspect the uglier the tie, the prettier the egg.
Thanks so much Tina for sharing your creativity; John is no doubt wishing he had more neckties.


  1. Tina's works are wonderful - very creative.
    I love these eggs and plan to try them. Thanks again for your interesting Blog.

  2. Tina has great ides for those ties, doesn't she? The egg dyeing looks interesting.

  3. Thank you for posting the completed panel project. It is stunning.

  4. I really like those fussy cut ties. Very nice work!!