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Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Next Step In The String

After settling on this Streak of Lightning layout for the string quilt, the next step was to ensure I sewed the blocks together in the correct order. Normally I pin the blocks together in rows and then stick a label on each row indicating top, and row #.
This time I simply marked on the first block in each row with a FriXXion marker; it worked great.
In past quilts, I have always removed the paper from the back of the blocks as each block was completed. For no particular reason this time, I left the paper in place and decided to tear it off all at once at the end. Either way works. For Martha who is reading this from Winnipeg, I thought of you when I picked up the first blocks to join and saw I had the phone pages from Great Village. Recognize any names?
When I sewed the blocks, I moved the red ones down a row from my original placement. I like them better there.
From the back it looks like a paper quilt. It was very crinkly.
To cut down on mess, I put the quilt inside a large, clear recycling bag to remove the paper while working inside the bag. When it's all off, I will take the top outside for a good shake in the wind.
I put the camera down and came back to find something else inside the bag.
Polly. When she's got that look in her eyes, there is no way my hand is going inside that bag!


  1. Looks great, Karen. Glad to see Polly is still being helpful....

  2. Great design!
    I was wondering when the paper was taken off a string quilt.

  3. Great idea to take the paper off inside a big plastic bag. I'll have to remember that. Thanks!