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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Free Motion Friday: Home Coming

It's a wonderful thing when someone trusts you enough to take a class from you, but it's a humbling experience when folks return year after year after year. Such is the case with many of the workshops presented during the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival and the week now has the feel of "homecoming". This group of quilters from the Municipality of Clare, N.S. have been coming for several years.
For sisters Joan and Simone who live at opposite ends of our province, it's a special time for them to reconnect in a creative setting. They love this time together.
I met Heather several years' back in a workshop I did in Keswick Ridge, N.B. It was great to have her join us; she brought a lot to the class with her insightful comments and questions.
As in Friday's class, no one showed great terror at their machines, but rather eagerness to get started and stitch the day away.
Local quilter Sheila was a house on fire. She has already completed two of these wall hangings, so watch the blog for pictures of those in a day or so.
Joyce looks very intent with her stitching!
It was a successful day.

Here's Alisha with hers.

I have no doubt that I got as much out of doing these workshops as the participants did. If you'd like to read more check out Joan's post here.

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