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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Plan Bee

Fall in the beeyard is not a particularly interesting time so there hasn't been much to post on this front. Mostly the plan is to make sure that the bees will have enough food to last them the winter...since we stole most of their hard earned honey last month. In the kitchen, Hubby cooks up big drums (which are REALLY heavy, I might add!) of sugar syrup.
The colonies are all fitted out with hive-top feeders and we check regularly to make sure these are topped up with syrup. The bees can quickly convert the sugar syrup into honey to last them the winter.
Already we can notice a marked change in beehaviour, echoing the change to colder weather. The hum of the hive is a deeper pitch, slower and quieter, and the bees are not flying around as quickly. Some are almost moving like zombees. (sorry...these bee puns just write themselves *-)

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