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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Thursday Quilt Show and Sale

Thursday during the N.S. Fibre Arts Festival I had booked space to set up a few quilts. That was the original plan...which grew and grew and grew...until I ended up with 120 quilted pieces, books, patterns and thread. It was a lot of work to put in place and as the building opened only 2 hours before the show, it all had to be set up in a rush. I expect it rather looked that way, but we did our best. The bags of quilts filled two cars.
I am grateful for such willing helpers who gave generously of their time and talent. My husband Jamie and friends Lesley Bonang and Lynn Bourgeois all pitched in. Lynn being Lynn, she arrived with a dozen beautiful roses which were a perfect accent on the table.
It turned out to be serendipitous timing for the roses, as when the CTV "Live at 5" news team arrived unexpectedly, they faded their shots in and out on those roses. How did you know, Lynn? :) This is David Bell of CTV News.
Lynn also acted as photographer for the day, and the pictures are still on her camera. I only snapped a couple on my little Nikon but will post more as they arrive. Despite all the rushing we did, it was a great day and a wonderful opportunity to meet people who came from all over. Fredericton friends Linda and Gail have both blogged about their time at the Festival so check out the pictures on their sites.


  1. Great display.....and a very interesting building to house it!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your show. It was beautiful!

  3. Karen, your Show looked lovely and I didn't think it looked hurriedly put together at all! Well done!! I sure am enjoying your honey...