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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Marilyn's Minis

Two of the quilts on display at the N.S. Fibre Arts Festival were by my friend and hand-quilter extraordinaire Marilyn Manzer. Marilyn is very well known for her tiny, (dare I say?) perfect quilting stitches. The whole-cloth miniature above was hanging at Mrs. Pugsley's Emporium, and the miniature Flying Geese was at Studio 8 on Havelock Street. I didn't think to measure the triangles, but they are tiny and Marilyn is a traditional piecer (no foundations).
It was a treat to see these pieces in person; this is where the term "eye candy" applies.
While at Studio 8, I spotted this framed print of a crazy quilt I had made a couple of years' back, photographed by owner Meaghan Lewis. I love it; the angle of the shot is so unusual. I think it needs to come live in my house.


  1. I agree about Marilyn's quilting - her stitches are so tiny, I can't do it near that small.

  2. I agree that Megans shot onthat quilt is unique, she had a great subject too,