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Sunday, 9 October 2011


The turkey is in the oven and family is on the way. There are just enough minutes to share the first of the pictures from this year's Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival. The store windows downtown are decked out with fibre art; these shops are located on Victoria Street in the block between Acadia and Havelock. It is really difficult to take pictures of windows because of the reflection, so look past that. This is Bella's Café.

Next is the window at Shear Impressions. These are stitcheries by Mary Farrow-Sinclair.

I am really pleased to have some pieces in the window of dayle's again. Über-talented store decorator Jackie Estabrooks always displays things so beautifully.

The vintage machine is a nice touch.

I am so pleased to have this stunning batik Farrago, sewn by dear friend Jeanne Huntley.

My posting will be sporadic (and erratic !) this week as the busy week of Fibre Festival begins. Be sure to check the Fibre Arts Festival blog regularly for updates. Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Is it Thanksgiving there? Happy Thanksgiving? Love you photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you!! I'm excited - Gail M and I are coming for Thursday and Friday of the Fibre Fest! See you soon!!

  3. Best wishes for Thanksgiving.....what lovely window displays!

  4. What does 'pattern #409' mean? Are those all yours and you started at #1!?!?!?

    Monika in Saskatoon