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Friday, 28 October 2011

Polly-wog the Scalliwag Does Strings

Polly and I are working on another string quilt. She insists on regular naps during work hours - it's in her contract, I believe. It's the feline version of a coffee break.
Our colour scheme is mostly blue and white, with a little touch of red accent. We started with this setting, having the red blocks in the corners...
...but Polly didn't like it, so she took a flying leap and rearranged the blocks. This is the part of her job where she excels.
This framed setting looks interesting.
In the end, we decided to go with this lightning set. I think I will move the red blocks down a row so they are off-centre.
Today we will work at joining the blocks and make a quick trip to Dayle's for a quilt batt.


  1. I feel inspired to make a string quilt every time I see one - yours is particularly wonderful!
    Lucky you have a helper.

  2. haha - glad to see Polly is up to her Scalliwag tricks!! Ollie likes to "help" me too..but his idea of "helping" and mine are two different things... I call him a Scalliwag frequently...

  3. I think all the settings are stunning but I really did like the red square, off centre. What did you back your strings on? Our little group just made a string quilt and used telephone book papers for the back. It made one heck of a mess when we took all of it off. I'm thinking it would be nice to make another one but to use a lighter fabric foundation so it can stay on.

  4. so - what would Polly do if you had a design wall for layouts?

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  6. It's hard to find good quality control officers - glad to hear you have a good helper. LOL. I think my favorite is the middle layout but they are all great options.

  7. Your strings are gorgeous! String quilts rule!!!