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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

New York Roundabout now in New Hampshire!

That sounds kind of twisted...

...but it refers to my New York Roundabout quilt being featured in the new catalog from Keepsake Quilting...which is, of course, in New Hampshire.

Regular readers will remember this piece from a little while back, which I designed for Benartex using their Fossil Fern fabrics. It is being offered as a complete kit - patterns, fabrics and pre-printed foundations - through Keepsake Quilting. They have it shown and listed as a table centrepiece; I think it looks great hung on a wall (but what do I know?) I do know it is very simple to sew, as the foundations do not need to be removed afterwards - they remain in the quilt. No special foot is required to sew the curves - I used my regular 1/4" piecing foot throughout the project.

The gradations of colour within the fabric give the quilt lots of movement.

Thanks to everyone who emailed to say they've seen the catalog, I had no idea it was to be in. Canadian readers may order the kit through their local quilt shop, as it is being distributed on this side of the border by Trend Tex Fabrics.

Edit: Individual patterns (not a kit) for NY Roundabout Again (#112) now available on the checkout page of my website.


  1. Beautiful Karen. It was also pictured on the email I got today from Keepsake...

  2. Awesome that you are being recognized by such a "favorite" shopping spot (Keepsake). That piece is definitely a beauty! Lucy

  3. Congrats on the quilt being featured. I noticed it on the weekend!! Looks great!

  4. Oh, I don't get that catalogue. I guess I better go sign up for it!! Congratulations on being in it.