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Friday, 13 August 2010

Let's Start A New Thread

I ordered some new threads to play with, including lots of shades of Invisifil by Wonderfil. The big box contains an assortment of their most popular threads with jazzy names such as Tutti, Frutti, Razzle, Dazzle and a really sparkly hologram thread in silver/blue. (Can't wait to try that on some metallic Christmas prints for icy sparkle!) The Invisifil is a very, very fine thread which disappears into your quilting much like an invisible nylon does.
I had a 12" "quiltlet" all basted and ready to quilt. Since the corner squares are only 3", I decided I had better mark the space as there wasn't a lot of room for error. I drew out what looked to me like a Dream Catcher. I did use a pure white thread for this part...
but a neutral for the rest. The Invisifil was also used in the bobbin. The centre part of the star diamonds was stitched with simple curved lines to connect the corners.
I marked a spine on the yellow border and then quilted some very loosey-goosey feather loops along that spine. I am still undecided as to how to quilt the outer red border but hopefully inspiration will hit soon.


  1. I've recently become as addicted to thread as I am fabric, and I see you are too! I really like a fine (but strong) thread for heavy quilting, these look like they might be good for that type of work. Do you know if they are sold in the US?

  2. Stunning work Karen. You have become quite a "master" as freemotion quilting. Lucy

  3. Hi, Laura: I see on their website you can click to find stores in the U.S. which carry their thread
    I even see one in North Carolina *-)

  4. Love it! I suppose you didnt buy those beautiful threads in NS?

  5. Oh my gosh that is beautiful. Your quilting is absolutely gorgeous....How about a workshop on free motion quilting ????? (Suggestion for next year's Fibre Festival Workshop???