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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Northumberland Quilt Show

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the opening day of the Northumberland Quilt Guild Show in Pictou, Nova Scotia. Travelling with Marilyn and Lynn made for a very enjoyable drive along the Sunrise Trail which runs along the north shore of Nova Scotia. The annual show is held at the deCoste Centre, located near the waterfront. The day was beautiful and warm and many boats were out in the harbour.
The show was beautifully arranged. I particularly liked the separate section of Christmas quilts, which even included a decorated Christmas tree. The vendors were located on the stage at the top of this photo. In the centre of the room there were interesting demonstrations set up, one with a longarm machine and another with guild members busily hand quilting -the best of both worlds.
The following pictures are posted with permission from the organizers (it's always important to ask what the rules are). It's difficult to get good shots of the quilts while the show is on, as there were so many folks admiring the workmanship, but will include a few which stood out.

I loved the colours of this centre quilt - the picture doesn't do it justice.
This was my favourite and the one I voted for in the Viewer's Choice. It is a Feathered Star made by Betty MacKay. The appliquéd border set the patchwork off so nicely, and the hand quilting, done with the help of Elizabeth Byers, was spectacular.

This is another beautiful quilt stitched by the same maker:

There were also a good number of entries which were machine quilted. While I was admiring the beautiful quilting on this tessellated quilt, the woman beside me spoke up to say she had quilted it.
This is Gerene Chisholm a long-arm quilter from Debert, N.S. whose name is well-known in this area for her beautiful work. I was delighted to meet Gerene, and she graciously agreed to pose beside the quilt.
There were several others quilted by Gerene also in this show, all beautifully done. If you are interested in finding out more information on her work (rates, wait time, etc.) you can contact her here. I was also delighted to meet up with several members of the Thistle Quilt Guild, also based in Pictou County - a very friendly bunch!
When we finished up for the day, the ladies at the show served lemonade and cookies to all guests. Certainly one in our group needed a little refreshment after all the exhausting shopping she had done (we won't mention any names, Marilyn...*-)
The show continues today at the deCoste Entertainment Centre, 99 Water St, Pictou, NS from 10 am– 5pm. A great show and well worth a visit.


  1. Karen thanks so much for posting the photos and report of the Northumberland Quilt show. There are some very amazing artists in that group.

    Unfortunately I didn't get to the show, post-op for 3 weeks so not much gallivanting around.

  2. I love going to quilt shows even vicariously. Sounds like you had a lovely time. Thanks for sharing

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  4. That's it. Next year, I'm going to plan a little get away so that I can take in this quilt show. I've always heard great things about it. Thanks for posting the pictures.