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Friday, 20 August 2010

Blanket Stitching

It was a pleasant day of practising machine blanket stitching the edges of the applique pieces. I love the homey, old-fashioned look this stitch gives to the finished edge and it works up so quickly and evenly. When I got this sewing machine, The Bernina Lady told me I would LOVE the second way the 440 can work the blanket stitch, and she's right. See the difference between the stitching on the blue flower and this one below?
Wow! Unbelievably, I am using the same thread but it does a double pass, giving more definition. These are Benartex balis, and the black thread is really making the colours pop. It has been such fun trying out the new threads from Wonderfil; their "Mirage" is going to be a big favourite around here.
I am also indebted to the Bernina Lady for sharing additional tips on blanket stitching, which I will share in the workshops - with all due credit of course!


  1. What a gorgeous stitch! What size needle do you use with the Wonderfil?

  2. Beautiful. What is the weight of the Wonderfil? Looks thick.Did you put it in your bobbin too?