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Thursday 18 February 2010

What Do You Want To Do Today?

That's what I ask the Bernina every morning when I walk into my sewing room. And the answer is always the same: EVERYTHING. I marvel at how it can go from quilting this thick, triple-batted trapunto... (those are clouds, by the way) satin stitching fine silk.
In between deciding on projects, I work on string blocks. Here's a completed pink top, as well as the start on a blue one. With the addition of a little appliqué, these will make cute baby quilts.
The annual White Sale began at Dayle's Department Store this morning and I was there when the doors opened at 9 am. Even though this Benartex batik was not part of their sale, I have been thinking about it since I saw it on Tuesday and knew it would be a perfect addition to my Farrago. Yesterday I fussed about someone buying it all before I got there, but felt a little reassurance that there would be few shoppers out during yesterday's snow storm! Here it is in all of its wrinkled gorgeousness out of the washer and ready for the dryer. It came as no surprise to meet most of the quilters from Cumberland County, N.S. also in the Dry Goods Department at Dayle's this morning. There are some terrific bargains to be had.
Progress on my socks has been as phenomenal as the Olympics which I watch on T.V. as I knit. Last night during the women's hockey (which Canada won 13-1 over Sweden...) I turned the heel on the second muslin one and even managed a few rows past the foot gusset. I don't think I've ever knit a pair of socks this quickly before. Although far from a world record, it's a new personal best :)
(For those wondering why I haven't taken off the first toe yet, it's so I can more easily get the socks the same length. These are for a gift so it won't do to have one an inch longer than the other most in my immediate family are used to *-) One more picture to share today comes from Bernice of Sackville, N.B. This is the same Bernice who made the Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend workshop project in gorgeous batiks (2 posts down). Bernice keeps very busy with her quilting projects and has added miniatures to her repertoire. Great work, Bernice!
I am heading back to see what adventure the Bernina wants to embark upon today. I think it's yearning to quilt some free motion feathers...


  1. It is amazing the difference a good sewing machine can make. It is such a joy to sew when things go well. I bought a new machine last year (Husqvarna), and I am still thrilled every time I sew.
    Your socks are coming along great! I am working on a piece of hand quilting as I watch Canada go for gold!!

  2. Karen your quilt on the front cover of magazine is beautiful,and it surely says springI have been wanting to applique some flowers. I have this baby quilt I have been hand quilting. and it is taking so long I have a cocker spaniel and she has been sick with some alergies and warts that have appeared on her beautiful black coat. She had surgery to remove one and she has had eye problemsSo she has kept me busy. And I got sick So it slowed me down. I am getting back to quilting We are getting a bad storm today and during the night in New City. I have been watching the olympics they have been great.your quilts are beautiful I found you in one of the magazines I was looking through,last week i have to go back and find the name. You do extrodinary work. Your bird pictures are beautiful too. I have been feeding birds in my yard too.I haven't seen that bird you had but i have had some very beatiful ones too. if I ever get my camera fixed i will sed a picture stay warm adeline