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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Bernina is Coming to Amherst!

If you read The Bernina Lady's Blog you will have learned her exciting news! Jeanne (a.k.a. The Bernina Lady) has secured a host store in Amherst, N.S. and will be adding us soon as a regular stop in her travels. The Bernina Lady has a unique approach to doing business in that her "store" is mobile and travels around to different towns in the Maritimes on a regular basis. As a new Bernina user, I am really looking forward to a local presence to learn more about my incredible machine. For Amherst, it now means our town has a sewing machine dealership - how wonderful! Details of when and where will be announced shortly on The Bernina Lady's website.


  1. This is such great news for Amherst & me. This will be one of my fist stops once I move back to Amherst this summer. Looking forward to meeting so many creative people there.
    Thanks for the news.
    Mary in Montreal

  2. So how ARE you enjoying that new Bernina? I'm sure you're loving it as much as I do mine.... Good to hear Jeanne will be in Amherst on a regular basis.

  3. My mother just bought a new Bernina (QE?) this summer. She is still trying to learn all that it does!
    She had her last Bernina for 50 years. She sewed all of our clothes when we were growing up (5 children), along with curtains, bedspreads etc. She could no longer find parts for her old machine and had to buy a new one. She said it was like loosing a dear friend!