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Friday, 5 February 2010

My Tropical Vacation

In my email this week I received a "smilebox" of pictures from a friend visiting The Dominican Republic with the heading "My Tropical Vacation". This is about as close as I will come this winter to azure waters and lush vegetation: Farrago is very striking done in scraps of blue-greens. The only fabric kept constant throughout was the gorgeous batik I got last week on the Island. It is used in the band which outlines the curved spiky sections and in the six elongated setting diamonds. It isn't quilted yet as you can see; I will leave it a few days to decide what it needs...and pretend I am basking in warm waters...


  1. That is soooooooo gorgeous.

  2. Wow! You ispire me to master one of your Farrago one of these days! Absolutely gorgeous!I much prefer your azure waters!!!A keepsake and not only on a photo!

  3. Very pretty as I knew it would be. Lovely colors! I finished a Maritime Beauty this week...........well as finished as yours. I will quilt it next week.

  4. Absolutly breath taking.
    I could look at it for ever.
    It warms my heart & all the other frozen bits, also.
    Mary in Montreal

  5. That is so nice. It's very inspiring. I have all my batiks ready to sew another Beauty, I am chomping at the bit to start my Beauty as soon as we get to our beach condo, mid next week. Still too cool to go lay on the beach all day, so mornings will be spent stitching.

  6. I was 3 years old when my mom and recently-born baby brother first returned back to the Dominican Republic. My only memory from this trip was that I managed to climb my grandmother's china cabinet, knock it over, break all her plates, yet walk away unscathed! These were my true beginnings as a world traveler/general troublemaker.

  7. That is the most amazing combination of colors ever - it is truly breath taking!!!!!!! Bernice