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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Another Maritime Beauty

Peggy Stevens sent in this picture of her completed Maritime Beauty from a workshop held in...well, we won't let on how far back that workshop was and how long it's taken Peggy to send the picture! Her marine biologist daughter likened it to a sea urchin, which is an interesting comparison. I like the design Peggy has quilted on her circles. Can you make it out? Peggy's talent was referenced on this blog back in September, when a quilt she designed was a winner in the Kennenecasis Valley Quilt Show.
Peggy was with us last week on the P.E.I. fabric buying expedition and we are expecting her to do great things with all that fabric she purchased!


  1. Some things are worth waiting for....and this was well worth the wait !...the colors are so nice that Peggy has chosen as they will blend well with any decor. This is a real beauty and a great idea of quilting the design within the circles.

  2. I love the way this maritime Beauty seemss to be like a design in a design, the middle really jumps out at me and I am glad that Peggy captured this with her colours.
    Great job done