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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Stashbusting :(

The past couple of days have been spent sorting through my stash...and not in a fun way. There comes a point where (dare I say it?) too much fabric is not a good thing. It can get overwhelming. And with more fabric on the way, it was time to tame the beast. 7 large bags have been removed so far and more to go yet. Most are Fat Quarters and larger.
It's hard to say goodbye to old friends who are there when you need them - the exact shade of violet to liven up a block, or an exquisite stripe perfect for hugging the edges on a curved binding. Sigh... The fabric will go to a good home however, one where I know it will be well loved and appreciated. Eventually. Once the shock of "where am I going to put all that" passes.

On the sock front...even though I cast on a new pair Sunday night, there was no knitting during the upset hockey game between Canada and the U.S... ouch! However, the women's game Monday and the men's with Germany last night did allow me to complete a leg. This yarn is Durasport in Forest Green from Briggs and Little in New Brunswick. Maritimers are well familiar with Briggs and Little yarn as we grew up in mitts, toques and sweaters made from it. I have a favourite cabled sweater in Fundy Fog from many years back. This Durasport is a heavier yarn than the fine Kroy but the socks are still thin enough to be worn in boots and sneakers. If I had to choose a favourite yarn from any I've worked with, it would be this one. I love the flecks in the colours - the oatmeal and bluejean are both as gorgeous - and the thick,thin texture of the spin. These do shrink up a bit in the wash, so I work a longer foot than usual.

Tonight the men play Russia in Olympic hockey. It's doubtful I can turn a heel with Crosby and Ovetchkin on the ice.


  1. Hi Karen,
    Good for you stash-busting! It just allows more room for fabric that you love. I am sure the recipients will have a blast with their new fabric!
    Thanks for telling us about the B&L wool, I have been thinking of trying it. Is it rough?
    Joanne ♥

  2. I can't believe you are bagging up fabric and giving it away. You are a very strong person to do that. This has me thinking of reducing my stash though. I was thinking of cutting some lap-size jellyroll type kits and packaging them up with a simple pattern. Then I can sew a project when the urge hits me.

    I love knitting with B&L yarn. I have a stash of that too. They have a sale near the end of November every year. I buy it by the bail. Arghhhh.

  3. Hi, Gail: Brave? That's so not me when it comes to parting with fabric; I agonized over this. Notice I failed to mention how much fabric I kept :)
    Thanks for the heads up on the sale of B&L yarn - I didn't know that, and will certainly pay attention and stock up in November. (I think this awards you the label "enabler"!)

  4. Hi, Joanne: Pondering your yarn question, and I guess it depends on your definition of "rough"! The B&L wool is perhaps not as soft as Kroy when knitting, but certainly not scratchy. After washing, it is very soft and the socks are lovely. The 2 things to keep in mind are that it's a bit thicker than the Kroy, and it does shrink a bit more.

  5. Well you made me laugh :))At least you know you can borrow some of it back if you need it.
    Ralph says we had better build a piece on to the sewing room. I think i had better go clean it up to make room for 7 bags !!! It will feel like christmas going thru your sash...while visions of great creations dance in my head :))
    Nancy :)))