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Monday 15 February 2010

Lucy's Gold

If there were a quilting Olympics, Lucy Bourque would get a gold medal for this Maritime Beauty.
Lucy began her Beauty in a workshop I gave in Keswick Ridge, New Brunswick last April. She was new to sewing curves and bias binding and tackling this Maritime Beauty was w-a-y outside of her comfort zone. I am sure she is feeling a huge sense of accomplishment in how much she stretched and grew to meet this challenge. Beautiful, beautiful job, Lucy - the colours are spectacular...and I do see gold... in your bottom spike.
If you would like to make your own Maritime Beauty, the pattern is available on my website.


  1. I was glad to see that Lucy was new to this curved stuff as I am too and its been holding me back , I kept seeing all the lovely ones that peopeple had made but thought it was beyond my skills...until now that I see what a beautiful job Lucy has done...perhaps there is hope for me too, Lucy has inspired me to give it a try.
    Thanks Lucy for sharing your Maritime Beauty with me. Job well done :))

  2. What a great mix of colours - it's beautiful!

  3. I am humbled to have my work displayed on Karen's blog. I did step way out of my comfort zone, but am thrilled with the results. Thanks so much to Karen to all the encouraging words along the way and also for being such a great teacher. Lucy

  4. YIPPEE Lucy. It's beautiful. I love the light background behind the points. I need to get a piece of light batik before I can start my next one. I love love love yours.

  5. I love your colors, Lucy.. You did a really beautiful job and I agree that Karen is a great teacher!!! Bernice