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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Superbird Sunday

I am starting to think that our friend Flicker realizes that when he visits our feeders, there is a group of admirers gathered on the other side of the window watching his every move. When he arrives he sits for quite a spell, just gazing around the yard...perhaps allowing me time to fetch my camera. There was a fair breeze and the feeder on which he was perched kept spinning around. Here you can see his feathers are a bit ruffled.
A close-up of his front show his perfect colouration. I think he is such a beauty.
The black lines on his face indicate this fellow is a male - a moustache, if you will. The female has all the same markings but this one.
In the next two shots, you can see the yellow underneath his tail feathers. Someone told us that a common name for a Northern Flicker is "Yellow Hammer". When he spreads his wings to fly, it is yellow you see. What a perfect patchwork of colours and patterns he is.
I hope to catch him in flight some day; so far he has been too quick for me.
Look how well camouflaged he is in the trees, even with the red stripe on his head.


  1. The flicker is beautiful, I never realized they had such defined circles on them. The yellow when they fly is amazing.

  2. He is beautiful!!! I haven't had many birds at my feeder this winter so I'm envious! My brother next door has a number of feeders so I think they are all hanging out there!

  3. He's beautiful! Makes you want to paint him or make a quilt of him.

  4. Wow ,the bird is beautiful!
    Bear regards,

    Beertje Zonn